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Knowledge Tree (Open source File Management System)


Offices management almost requires an automated systems for an easy and fast transactions , a lot of files :contain different contents;name all of those and probably we will mention as many as we can(oh bulky files: receipt,appointment, voucher,cheque,release , issuance ,salaries and many to mentions-as I said).Hey, this great importance of file managements system sometimes or if not most of the times are not being adopted in the traditional work-flow of a local/common offices so why ?Well, despite the fact of such reasons behind necessity , still offices cant afford to implement the said system.Simply because , it involves huge amount of budget,or of course a financial buffer .Either purchasing it or paying for an IT programmers to have a defined or customized built in systems that will certainly suit s the requirements of office working flow -still needs huge capital.

But that not ends our aim to acquire such system, why? just an open-source will give(save) us a simple remedy ;and it is free for anybody who wanted to use it.

So ambitious as we are(no just trying),this techno blog will teach you a simple procedures the How-to of deploying free File Management system-yes brother its free.Just follow the steps and download each software packages (before I forgot your old PC can perform as an alternative sever for your DBase).Before proceeding , this tutorial will be using a Knowledge Tree Community Edition file management software.

is a provider of online document management software. The product makes use of the cloud computing platform from Amazon EC2. KnowledgeTree’s features — including workflow, document alerts and version control — are designed to help organizations manage business processes around documents in addition to enabling file sharing among teams. The service is available on a subscription basis.

There is also a free, open source community edition that is written in PHP and uses the Apache Web Server and MySQL database management system. A multi-platform installer provides end-users with a one-click install of both the underlying LAMP or WAMP stack and the application itself.

KnowledgeTree is a US company with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company also has an office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Then let us try it for free!

Open Source OS
FreeBSD ,Ubunto, Fedora 1X ,CentOS ,OpenSuse
Open Source Software:
  • Knowledge Tree Community Editions (3.7)
  • PHP 5.2.x
  • PHP LDAP extension (if LDAP or ActiveDirectory integration is required)
  • PHP Exif extension (if header extraction from JPEG and TIFF files is required)
  • PHP mbstring extension (functions for multi-byte character sets)
  • PHP mysql extension (interface to mysql database from php)
  • PHP json extension (functions for working with json structures)
  • PHP fileinfo extension (functions for resolving mime types of documents)
  • MySQL Server, Client, and PHP libraries, version 5.1 or above
  • Apache 2.0 or above
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5+ (Required for Apache POI and Lucene)
  • pstotext (required for indexing of postscript files)
  • OpenOffice 2.4+ (required for PDF conversion)
  • Info-Zip (required for extracting contents of zip files)


Download the packages
PHP(version 5)
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install gcc*
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install php-devel
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install php-mysql
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install php-pecl-json
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install php-pear
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install pecl/json

To enable exif-support configure PHP
with --enable-exif

To enable LDAP support configure in PHP
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install libmime-devel
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install libmagic-dev
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install file-devel
root@localhost# sudo /usr/local/php5/bin/pecl install fileinfo
root@localhost# sudo pecl install Fileinfo

To enable MBstring in PHP
-enable -mbstring --enable-mbregex
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install libmbfl*

root@localhost# sudo apt-get install php-mbstring
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install pstotext*
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install Openoffice*
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install info-zip*


JAVA JRe (1.5)
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install jre*

I was a little bit stuck not because I miss info's in the process but that I accidentally deleted that "dpkg" in Ubunto(my distro for a moment).So,I could not used to install(terrible!) ,yet I stumbled and solved it -atlast!
The error??
Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (100)

The solutions:
Create a Director where to store the new dpkg package
root@localhost# mkdir /tmp/dpkg
root@localhost# cd /tmp/dpkg

Now download the package
root@localhost# wget g/dpkg_1.15.5.6ubuntu4_i386.deb
root@localhost# wget

Extract the compressed files
root@localhost# ar x dpkg*.deb data.tar.gz
root@localhost# tar xfvz data.tar.gz ./usr/bin/dpkg

Copy the the bin files to "/usr/bin"
root@localhost# sudo cp ./usr/bin/dpkg /usr/bin/

Update the Ubunto dpkg pakckage
root@localhost# sudo apt-get update
root@localhost# sudo apt-get install --reinstall dpkg


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